Thursday, July 25, 2019

Scholarly Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Scholarly Argument - Essay Example Those who are against this form of union by marriage are of the opinion that it is religiously incorrect for individuals from same sex to get married, this form of marriage will lead to weakening of the institution of marriage, legal status of this form of marriage will be manipulated by those who are not even involved in this form of marriage, these marriages cannot be recognized a marriage because these marriages do not lead to formation of traditional family system, acceptance of this form of marriage will lead to a slippery slope and other issues will be raised and parents of the same marriage will fail to provide knowledge regarding the difference between male and female to their children. Thesis Same sex marriage should be awarded with legal status because it will lead to the wellbeing of the society as it has more benefits to offer to the society than costs on the basis of cost benefit analysis. Same Sex Marriage Should be legalized Introduction Legally, marriage has been defi ned as the union between two individuals representing different gender and is the eventual method through which partners express their affection for each other. The constitution of the US has not yet accepted same sex marriage as a legal marriage even though the society has accepted such unions. A change in the structure of families within the US societies has been experienced and a huge number of stakeholders are raising their voice in the support of such marriages. Similar gender marriages should be awarded with the legal status by the constitution of US because it is a discriminatory act to treat same sex couples and different sex couples differently by law, they even believe that this form of marriage is ethical as it has more benefits to offer than costs, these marriages have gained social acceptance, a few of the states have even legalized this marriage, legalization of same sex marriage will allow same sex couples to enjoy the same rights as different sex couples. Body Marria ge is a Worldly Act Groups that are religious in nature are of the idea that same sex marriage is against religion and is even equal to a sin as such marriages are against the will of God, the reality is that religion even supports love and affection and due to this such marriages should not be considered as a sin. The constitution of US has stated that under the 1st Amendment all individuals residing in US will be protected by law for their own religious views (Davis 158). Marriages are seen as a worldly act and if legality of marriage is based on religious grounds, policy makers are working against their own policies (Stevens 261). Illegal Status Deprives Couples from Legal Benefits There are several benefits enjoyed by couples when they get married, they benefit from different rules regarding taxation, insurance, ownership of assets rule of agency. Gay marriages even positively impact various judgments. Health care law states that only couples who are married are allowed to make decisions for each other and are allowed to meet each other if one of the couple is hospitalized (Luppino 79). Since gay marriages are not yet realized as legal, the couples

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