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Midterm question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Midterm question - Essay Example However, since humans are not purely rational, they are prone irrational behaviors and hence the need for a code of ethics to establish relations in an organizations. Indeed, the possibility of having rational and irrational perspective gives rise to a moral consideration in business deliberations according to Kant. Most notable is the fact that reason supersedes any decision and reason gives a moral direction that abides with the law. In fact, Kant reckons that whether a moral act is right depends on the correctness of the actor’s reasoning. According to the Utilitarians, the morality of any action absolutely relies on its utility in providing happiness or pleasure. As such, the Utilitarians define morality or ethical tenets in relation to the outcome of the action. Furthermore, John Stuart Mill respects the value of the natural world and the environment by arguing that destruction of the environment and a reduced quality of life leads to reduced growth in an organization. In analyzing the business model of the Walmart and McDonald’s Corporation, the two dimensions of moral worthiness of an act in an organization will apply. Walmart Corporation is an international company with its headquarters based in Wal-Mart Home Office complex in America (Walmart). Walmart business model associates with selling a wide variety of general merchandise at significantly low prices. This seemingly relates to Utilitarianism define morality or ethical tenets in relation to the outcome of the action. Indeed, the morality of this act derives its worthiness from the profits collected from such a strategy. More so, in U.S and Canada, the company equally employs greeters and designates them at strategic places in the entrance of the store to assist the customers get what they want and give feedback. As such, the corporation plays a huge responsibility in creating quality products and marketing them in an ethical manner. This relates to Kant’s view that it is the mo tive and free will behind every action that derives the action moral worth and not the outcome of such an action. Moreover, these moral acts are compliant with the law. Furthermore, the company refers to its employees as associates thus motivating them in their work. Clearly, the corporation does this with reason and at free will as established by Kant’s view. Nevertheless, Walmart business model attracts serious criticism relating to extensive foreign product sourcing, treatment of employees and product suppliers, and environmental practices. Overall, Walmart has successfully offered goods at low prices for working families and subsequently gaining competitive advantage in the market (Walmart). McDonald's is the world's largest fast-food company (McDonald’s Web).  However, the model of business in McDonald’s faces a lot of criticism relating to its menu, its expansion, environmental policy, health policy, and labor record. Indeed, there have been consistent a llegations of corruption at the McDonald. The corporation faces accusations of increasing its profits through political influence. This subsequently has adverse effects on human health especially children who suffer obesity and social conditions of its workers. This is against the law as seen in the documentary film Super-Size Me by Morgan (Supersize Me). As we can see, the McDonald’

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