Saturday, July 27, 2019

Health Beliefs of Christian Science Followers Research Paper

Health Beliefs of Christian Science Followers - Research Paper Example In the prior twenty-five years, a resurgence of interest in the spiritual dimensions of human health has given reason and foundation to the thought that the preference of medical science over that of religion may be weakening. Christian Science was founded in 1866 and the founder later founded the Church of Christ, Scientist (Singh, 2009). A 25-year-old pregnant female arrives at the emergency department, accompanied by her husband, with complaints of severe pains and abdominal cramps. Further examination by the physician discovers that she is suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. The diagnosis and plan of care are explained to the patient by the physician. The proposed treatment plan includes the insertion of an IV, pain intervention through the use of medication and surgical intervention. Surgery will remove the developing cells which could potentiate a need for the administration of blood products and IV antibiotics. The couple refuses surgery by their religion and explains that they are Christian Science followers. The physician is insistent and explains ectopic pregnancy and the in inherent risks and cautions that the surgery must take place within the hour. The physician explains fully the implications of an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy develops outside of the uterus and the embryo implants in an area other than where it should, which is the endometrial layer of the uterus. The travel of the embryo through the fallopian tubes is altered in some way in these pregnancies. Up to 98% of these pregnancies develop in the fallopian tubes (Mcqueen, 2011, p 50). It is a leading cause of first-trimester mortality.An ectopic pregnancy is usually not capable of survival through the pregnancy can grow large enough to rupture the area that it is in which can cause severe and heavy bleeding which endangers the life of the mother. These pregnancies damage the fallopian tubes and must be detected and treated early to prevent severe bleeding. One that has ruptured will bleed slowly into the abdomen and is considered a medical emergency.

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