Saturday, July 27, 2019

Family Biography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Family Biography - Essay Example This paper illustrates that the author’s parents met many years back when they were appointed as prison guards in OJT. At that time, his Dad was divorced and was 30 while his Mom was married to another man and was 25 years of age. His Mom and Dad started seeing each other about which his Mom’s husband knew nothing. They fell in love with each other. His Dad could do anything for her because she was smart, skinny and attractive. He would drive miles just to see her for an hour. To the author, he was a very superficial person giving importance to looks rather than the person inside. He always liked skinny women and loathed bigger ones. As for his Mom, even though she was pretty, she was very rude and rough in her behavior. That is why she did not have many friends. Since she was attractive, nobody ever held her accountable for her terrible behavior. She always thought that she was right even when at times she would be wrong. She has always been very bossy in nature and ob livious to what others think of her. She was, and is till now, very possessive toward the author. The researcher knew that she loved him very much but her possessiveness and messing with everybody who tried to pick a finger at the authorreally ripped the researcher of his personality. The researcher was not humble anymore. Until now, the researcher share a love-hate relationship with her and the reseahasr have not been able to change his feelings toward her no matter what she does for him.  ... I would miss my older Dad too much and developed a constant hatred for my Mom for tearing apart the family. I knew she was the one who had always started the fights. But now, everything had changed and a new guy had come into my life as my real Dad. I came to know about this fact when I was about 7 or 8 years of age and I would not understand why it all happened. After a couple of years, I realized that my Mom was getting better along with my Dad. They seemed to love each other quite well. They would take me for outings and helped me do my homework. We became a happy family. My Dad is a bit superficial person in that he likes me being always in good shape. He likes cars, houses, money and beauty. But still I think I like him a lot because he enjoys sports with me. He attends my parent-teacher meetings with my Mom. I like both of them being there for me whenever I need them. They communicate with me whenever they want me to do something for them and make me understand the logic behind . When I was growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. My parents wanted me to go into law school. So, they made me understand why they wanted me to become a lawyer. Once I got into the habit of coming home late in the evening because I started hanging out with my friends. My Dad did not shout at me; instead, he talked to me about the issue. He made me understand why late nights would be harmful for me. I understood and straightened myself. We go to visit friends and family and invite them to our house. My Mom, at times, shouts and makes issues of small things but my Dad and I handle her quite well with her temper tantrums. I wish she could leave

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