Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Ghana is a country located on the west coast of Africa, the Gold Coast. Known for having the best oil reserves in the world, Ghana’s other exports such as timber, diamond, manganese, cocoa, gold, and bauxite are what feed the country’s economy. The main source of aluminum comes from the aluminum ore, Bauxite. Bauxite was first discovered by Sir Albert Kitson in the year 1914. Although found in 1914, it took 14 years for the mining of Bauxite was allowed by the British Aluminum Company, this mining took place at Awaso. The British original source of bauxite was France until they’re supply was caught off during World War II. Once again, after being given the â€Å"ok† to begin mining, it took until the 1940s, when a railroad was built connecting Awaso with a port in Takowardi, for Ghana to actually begin the mining of 1974, Ghana received 55% of the British Aluminum Companies shares and in the same year, the International Bauxite Association accepted Ghana as member. The purpose of the International Bauxite Association association was to logically maintain and promote the trade and development of the bauxite industry. In 1941 the Ghana Bauxite Company began working on the mining site in Awaso and has been ever since. It is said that the site in Awaso, after all these years of mining, has reserves of Bauxite to last over 3 more decades. In other areas of Ghana including regions of Ejuanema, Nyinahin, and Kibi,, there are some reserves that are said to be capable of lasting over a century. These reserves are capable of lasting for such long periods of time due to the majority of mining that occurs at Awaso. Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nikrumah, had dreams of industrializing the country in order make forward strides toward a m... ... to the local levels? These regions suffered severely due to the degradation of air, water and the environment due to mining activities. These areas gain nothing from the mining of bauxite. Living conditions in these areas have nearly deteriorated. With all of the pollution from the mining there have been many health impacts on the societies that surround these mining areas such as skin diseases and malaria. With all of the production it would be expected that there would be many job opportunities but all of the mining generated no employment. Between 1992 and 1998 over 1,000 jobs were lost in the Tarkwa mining region. Next to farming, Mining is the most important aspect of Ghana’s foundation. Bauxite mining had huge economic and social impacts on Ghana. Although some were more negative than others, it is apparent how important the mining had been to the nation.

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