Monday, September 9, 2019

Exercise Chapter 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Exercise Chapter 4 - Assignment Example Aligning IT with a project is necessary is essential to improve administration and service delivery. Good administration improves accountability, risk-return balance and cost structures (Guglielmo, 2009). It integrates all aspects of project management from plan execution to monitoring the success of all components of the project. Managing project work is an intricate process that involves coordination of efforts from different levels of an organization. It demands exemplary integration of project management principles and techniques. The management of two projects, Adelaide Desalination Project Adelaide, Australia SA Water Corporation, and Prairie Waters Project, Aurora, Colorado, USA, commendably directed and managed their project work. The projects received recognition in the â€Å"PMI Project of the Year award† in the year 2013 and 2011 respectively. The Adelaide Desalination Project, which the South Australian and Australian governments, AdelaideAqua, and the Kaurna community undertook, was a project completed by South Australian Water Corporation (Kumar and Farinola, 2012). Communication was the overall consideration by the organization because it involved the coordinated efforts of separate authorities, (AdelaideAqua, a consortium of McConnell Dowell Constructors, Abigroup Contractors, Acciona A gua and Trilit), and community leaders. Agility and risk management were also two considerations that ensured success of the project. The team maintained an aggressive schedule through creating inspection processes and strict risk-assessment (Kelly, 2013). Separately, Prairie Waters Project, Aurora, Colorado, USA, was completed two months before its proposed date of completion because of exemplary project management skills (Learnard and Kelly, 2011). The project managers attribute the success of the project, which was also below budget, to trimming unnecessary features from the plant and excellent planning (Illescas,

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